New soundbeam home cinema crackling sound

  • 30 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I have just bought a new soundbeam and subwoofer. I am really disappointed to have an intermittent crackling noise. I have an LG TV and Virgin cable. It only seems to happen when I am watching TV through the virgin box and not when I am using the TV apps directly. I see this is a common issue with Soundbar but I have not come across it with the new soundbeam. I have just had my Virgin router replaced (for different reasons) and no improvement. I have submitted diagnostic 1534772959. Thanks

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3 replies

If you post the number here, yes, although the folks who monitor the boards tend to be Monday through Friday. If you need help immediately on Weekends, try their twitter or Facebook feed.
This probably has nothing to do with it - but while I am here I moved a pair of Play 1s from my kitchen to be the surround speakers and moved my living room play 5 into the kitchen. I have renamed the Play 5 'kitchen' but every couple of days it changes its name back to lounge.
Hey - sorry newbie here. Does somebody look at the analytics and answer here?