New Smart speakers for Soundbar in the wind?

  • 3 January 2019
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Just read an article about Sonos registering a new product with the FCC, model number S18 smart speakers to work with Soundbar.
Hoping this is true and they are reasonabley priced, described as smaller than the One but with same features. Means maybe I can use my existing Play 1's I currently use as Playbar satellite's in prefered stereo paired mode rather than listening to music through the Playbar group as I currently settle for rather than going through the hassle of resetting the system between TV viewing and music listening.
Purchasing these purported new satellite speakers would be very beneficial in my case and solve an issue....don't want to fork out for another set of the same speakers so at the moment I'm content with the inferior sound compared to true stereo mode.
I'll be first to buy.

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6 replies

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Many are thinking more of a Play:3 replacement.

Why do you have to reset system between TV viewing and Music Listening. I find the Playbar and Play:1s in full mode very good for music.
Do you have a link to the article you've read? I've heard of the upcoming device, but not details of functionality you're hinting to.
I agree Chris, full mode is good but true stereo mode is awesome!
Posted the link melvimbe but looks like it's awaiting approval. Easy enough to find though, there are now other posts on the community about this also.
Google Sonos s18
This appears to be the "origin" story, from which many other new sites linked to.