New playbar?

  • 8 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Im considering to buy the playbar but wondering if anybody knows if its coming a new playbar in the near future?

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3 replies

It came out a couple of weeks ago, called the Playbase.
Thanks for the answer. So whats the biggest difference between the playbar and playbase?
Well, if you read the documentation, there's a form factor change, and a subwoofer addition to it. There's quite a long thread you may want to read in which there's a lot of discussion. Look in either the Announcements area, or the Home Theater area on these boards.

So, mostly form factor, and extra bass from it. That's about it.

If you're asking about DTS or HDMI, no, not in this device. And they don't generally announce upcoming hardware, until they're about ready to release it, so we, the general public, have no idea when / if / what will be released next.