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  • 31 May 2017
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I am purchasing a new Sony Z9D television, and I am trying to decide if Sonos is an appropriate solution for home theatre. I am considering using a Playbar, sub, and two connect:amps (1 for the rears and 1 for the fronts) to get my 5.1. From my research, the TV will pass through the required Dolby 5.1 via optical, so I believe I will be OK connecting to the Playbar. I've also read on here that this should work as long as I am in "Boost" mode. I have an old bridge connected to my wireless router, so does this mean I am properly configured to make this happen? Am I missing anything?

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4 replies

You can only have one Connect Amp for surround, driven speakers meant to be placed at the rear. The Sonos version of 5.1 has 3 of the 5 speakers bundled into the body of the bar or base - two front and center.

Why Connect Amp though; two play 1 units will do just as well and be cheaper with less clutter.
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This is for my girlfriend's house. She has speakers already mounted inside the wall behind the couch. Thanks for the insight.:)
In that case, start with just a play bar or play base and see how that works. Add a Sub if you feel the need for it, particularly if you start with play base which is said to do bass quite well on its own. You may not miss the surrounds, and leave the installed speakers unused to save some wiring effort/clutter. Get a 1 pair on returnable basis, see the value add for surround they deliver, and only then get into buying/wiring a Connect Amp to the wall speakers.
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I want to make sure I understand how I must connect everything to use the connect amp for rears with the playbar and sub. This link:

states: Wire both the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE and CONNECT:AMP to either your router, a single network switch, or to each other, using an Ethernet cable.

Now, as mentioned above I believe I am in "BOOST" mode because I already have a rather old bridge connected to my router...however, must I still connect the PLAYBAR and the connect amp to each other (or connect them all to the router, in which case I assume the bridge is no longer needed?)