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  • 24 June 2022
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I am building a new home. I am not looking for a high end theater set up. Attached is my floor plan. I plan to use a soundbar, sub-woofer, and 2 ceiling speakers for TV viewing. Note TV is in the corner. I would use two ceiling speakers which are in marked in red with an amp. It is my understanding the ceiling speakers should be behind the seating area.  Does that seem accurate? My second option would be to add two more speakers (blue) and play only music through the whole room with 4 speakers. The room measures 26’8” x 20’6”. Can I have the blue speakers off for the TV and all 4 on for music. Can I accomplish this with one amp? Thanks.



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If you are using four in-ceiling speakers, you need to use two Amps because each Amp acts as a single zone. Any speakers wired to an Amp will play the same audio at the same volume. If the two red speakers are acting as surround speakers for the sound bar, you don’t want the blue speakers playing the surround audio at the same time.

Also, when the Amp is being used as surrounds, the only way to play music out of that Amp without it also playing out of the sound bar and Sub is to unbond the Amp as surrounds.