need help

  • 9 June 2019
  • 3 replies

Have a klipsch wifi soundbar and sub woofer, have Sonos connect, connected RCA leads from bar to connect..... can't get it to play????
Have Sonos through house.

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3 replies

Is it RCA audio-out from the sound bar to the Connect audio Line in?.. if so, choose another Sonos room and then select the line-in source from the browse tab in the Sonos App.

If you go to the room settings in the Sonos App for the Connect, there are options to get the audio to auto-play on your chosen Sonos room(s) by default and you can also set a volume level.
Tried doing this but no luck. Have hard wired speakers from connect that work but still unable to to get klipsch soundbar to sonos to work
Are you looking to play a Sonos audio source (i.e. Spotify Music Service/Tune-in etc.) output to the klipsch playbar, or are you looking for the playbars playing audio source (i.e. TV etc.) as an input source to the Sonos Connect and other speakers, or both of those things?

Can you describe the ports and the RCA outputs/inputs in a little more detail, so I can try to follow exactly what you have done so far and are trying to achieve.

An accompanying photo, or diagram, of your klipsch soundbar input/output RCA ports may also prove helpful.