My Sonos Sub cuts out even when hard wired into network router

  • 15 September 2020
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My sub randomly drops and reconnects to my system.  I have done the factory reset, connected wired, and connected wirelessly, and it continues to only work intermittantly.  I ran a diagnostic here: 1696347219

1 reply

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Hi @TheWalt.

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thanks for reaching out to us and submitting a diagnostic.

I would like to suggest connecting the Sonos Arc or the Sonos Playbar instead in replacement of the Sonos Sub (connected to the router via ethernet cable) as the current setup upon submitting a diagnostic shows that the Sonos Sub is not receiving a direct signal communication from The Sonos Arc. The Sonos Arc communicates directly to the Sub. I would also like to recommend going through this guide on how to reduce wireless interference as wireless interference also contributes to audio dropouts or audio skips. I would also like to recommend rebooting the router and the Sonos system as follows.

  1. Reboot router. (unplug the router from power and plug it back after 10-15 seconds) not using the power button.
  2. Once the internet connection is restored, Power cycle the Sonos Arc which is connected to the router via ethernet cable as suggested.
  3. Once the Sonos Arc has a solid white light, power cycle the rest of the Sonos devices.
  4. Follow the reduce wireless interference guide.
  5. Check and submit a diagnostic if the issue re-occurs so we can check what is going on with the Sonos system.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.