More than the standard 5.1 sonos system

  • 20 October 2016
  • 1 reply

my friend is looking to set up his home theater. i recommended he do the 5.1 system which consists of 2 play 1s, 1 playbar and 1 sub. can he connect 2 more play 1s to the tv system as opposed to them being grouped to the tv? would that even work? can it work without having to group 2 additional play 1s to the sonos 5.1 system?

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1 reply

You can't bond more than the two surrounds and/or SUB with the PLAYBAR.

Grouping a 'room' containing another pair of PLAY:1s with the PLAYBAR will not work well if they're in earshot. For TV sound the extra PLAY:1s won't automatically play in sync. (The PLAYBAR can be delayed to achieve quasi-sync with the grouped players, but then lip-sync with the TV picture could be destroyed.) They would also reproduce stereo, potentially upsetting the 5.1 channel effect. Also, the IR control of the PLAYBAR only adjusts the volume of the PLAYBAR itself (plus bonded satellites), not that of any grouped rooms.

Other 'rooms' grouped with the PLAYBAR do play in sync for sources other than TV.