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  • 6 January 2020
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I have a tv room with 2 couches positioned in a V shape. Unfortunately this means that there isn’t a good way to position the 2 rear surrounds.


i understand adding more than 2 surrounds is not possible but could I connect 2 beams to my tv (arc and optical) to achieve 4 surround speakers?


i couldn’t think of any reason this would not work. Having 2 beams is a little strange but I could place one above and below the tv. 









7 replies

I suppose it might be possible, but I’d be concerned about the Wi-Fi interference between the two Beams, and the 5Ghz network they create to connect with the surround speakers. But having one above and one below the TV might help, that’s at least a couple of feet. It’s an expensive solution. 

Why a Beam? If the space is large enough for that many surrounds, wouldn’t the wider soundstage of a PLAYBAR make more sense in the front?

But it isn’t something I would want to try, either. I’d be looking at better ways to locate the surrounds., and stick with just one pair, until Sonos decides to come out with Dolby Atmos. 

I’m having a hard time picturing how 2 surrounds speakers wouldn’t work.  I understand your V couch placement, but the room is still rectangular correct?  I would place the 2 speakers essentially along the back wall a few feet behind the couches.  It’s not ideal, but there is no ideal with your seating locations.  I think it would be better than having 4 surrounds speakers.


But maybe I’m not picturing this correctly, if 4 surround speakers it the way to go, you could use a Sonos Amp with 4 wired surround speakers, 2 for each surround channel.  That would avoid having to buy the extra Beam, manage to get them both connected properly,  and potential interference issues.

I did not account for interference issues. I considered the amp since that would work but the cost of the beam and 2 speakers is about the same and it provides more overall value.


Its a little hard to picture but the tv is in the front left corner. On the right wall is a small couch caticornered and the other couch is touching that one creating a V . While I can put the surrounds on the back wall the couch that is essentially up against the right wall would not get the surround effect.      

With 4 surrounds I can place the speakers directly behind each couch creating the proper surround effect.


I can’t imagine Sonos will really Atmos. They don’t even support DD+ :(




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Hi chrytek

I think I understand your dilemma.  In either of the “V” Diagrams below 1 (extreme) or 2 (relaxed) having only 2 surrounds will leave some viewers: 

  1. Outside the surround field (front or vertex seating)_Diagram 1
  2. Too far apart (left or right) at over 6 feet between surrounds at either end_Diagram 2 and lend itself to some of the same limitations as discussed in Diagram 1

Therefore, @melvimbe suggestion to employ a Sonos Amp with 4 wired surrounds would be my suggestion as well. 

Also, the Playbar as suggested by @Airgetlam might may be a better choice versus the Beam (albeit with less technology).




I am hoping someone who has attempted the use of 2 beams would respond. The AMP used purely for surrounds does not offer enough value.


i already own one beam and 2 play 1s. Amp would require the purchase of 4 additional speakers and cost the same as one beam and 2 more Sonos ULs .

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I am hoping someone who has attempted the use of 2 beams would respond. 

Good luck with that! :slight_smile:

I am hoping someone who has attempted the use of 2 beams would respond. 

Good luck with that! :slight_smile:

To be clear I really appreciate your input and response. I do agree that what you are suggesting Is the ideal path, it just isn’t ideally from an economic view point.