"Mirroring" Playbar with Surrounds

  • 15 September 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a playbar with surrounds set up and it works well. I'm looking for the ability to use the surrounds just to mirror the center channel when I'm not watching content that benefits from surround. I live in a condo with a large central space and when I'm watching the news, for example, I don't need the surround and it would be good to "distribute" the sound around the room to the surrounds as I move about. Turning up the volume on the whole system to make it audible around the room makes it too loud by the TV and I'm concerned about needlessly disturbing neighbors. I can turn up the volume on the surrounds and this helps, but obviously it's not really what I'm looking for as it can only go so far and it's not really the part of the signal I want. Seems like this would be an easy feature to build into the app, but I don't see it.

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2 replies

It doesn't sound like it would be to difficult to do, as they essentially do this for non-tv sources. However, I can see why it's not there. First, I would guess your situation is rare. Second, it would be a challenge in the app logistically to make it so that it's easy to change the setting back and forth, but not overcomplicate things for the every day user.

You could look into getting a play:1 that you group with your main zone at these times. I doubt this would work though as it would not match the audio from the playbar and sync with the video. Or, you could look into bluetooth headphones connected to your tv for these situations. Neither of these are ideal, I know.
Thanks for the response. I could easily just see a toggle switch that converts the rear channels from surround to mirror in order to match the already very simple functionality of the app. Given the overall flexibility of the system, I can't imagine this would be too complicated for the Sonos folks. Finally, I don't think my situation is all that uncommon. I have seen it brought up in reviews of other products and I know for certain other brands incorporate this feature. I have to admit, I didn't investigate it prior to purchasing Sonos because of my impression that they are clearly the industry leader and that they surely would have this feature if others do. Bad assumption on my part, but something I'm hoping that they will address in future updates.