Make the PLAYBAR in White

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All of my components are in white in my living room, aswell as all of my sonos play:3 and play:5.... Are there any plans on bringing the Playbar in white?

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Also waiting for the playbar to come in white before purchasing one. My entire living room is in a Scandinavian white design and a black playbar would just look plain ugly.
Pleas start producing white playbar! I got limited edition play1 in white, so a player in white would be perfect.
I'm very interested in Sonos as the wireless home cinema solution in my new home which will be finished next year, but would only ever seriously consider the set if it's completely available in white - including Sub en Playbar! The white Play sets are gorgeous, and a white bar and sub would make it complete. Combining white and black is really not an option for anyone I imagine. Please release a white version of the Playbar and Sub!
Mm, sure, but buying a black playbar only to hide it in white cloth...? No, thanks. Still waiting for a "native" white playbar. Until then, you can't have my money. Sorry.
So I noticed that Sonos has a new frontpage. It's light, fresh and of course a lot of promotion for their products. When I write this every single Sonos and Apple devices on the frontpage are white... except the Playbar. By the choice of exposure of the products and colors I'm guessing Sonos are seeing the "trend" (not new really) of white products too? Just as CHIP66 I've been waiting for news about a white Playbar. Unfortunately this was not the "white" christmas I was hoping for. Anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope Sonos listens rather sooner than later. 😞
Does Sonos read the forums at all?
I would really like to know why the Playbar isn't yet offered in white, and if they are ever going to offer it?
Will buy Playbar as soon as you release it in white.
I also would buy one directly if it's white
Please! Come on... I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. What are Sonos waiting for? White Playbar and Sub now!
I have been waiting for a long time for the white playbar..
SONOS: is there any reason for not having this product in white since all your other products can be delivered in white? I simply cannot see any reason for it..
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Same as Dewer. Hoping that Sonos will deliver the long awaited news on the white Playbar this Christmas.
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Any links or did you see the white Playbar on a poster / billboard? The white Playbar would be such a welcome addition. We have been waiting long.
I hope you are right. Since making the sub in white, it would make sense to make a white player as well.
I would buy one in an instant.
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The white cloth cover looks absolutely dreadful in the photos. Please don't tell me anyone has done this! Also, can't believe Sonos offered this as an option!
@Sonos You have white speaker, white PlayBase, and white Subwoofer. Please make a white PlayBar!
After having just redecorated our living room it would have been nice with a white playbar just under our white tv... just sayin...
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Does Sonos read the forums at all?
I would really like to know why the Playbar isn't yet offered in white, and if they are ever going to offer it?

Hi RickB,

We do read these forums, but we're not able to comment on possible future products or features. I'll send along a feature request for a white PLAYBAR for you though.
I am flabbergasted to read this 4 year old thread and discover Sonos still do not make a white Playbar!!! They obviously have no regard for their customer base and their repeated pleas for this product. Makes no commercial sense at all to me so one can surmise they make far too much profit on existing products! Very poor show Sonos! 😠
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Yes I am wondering why not a white playbar ...
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Hi Benjamin, I have moved your suggestion to the Ideas section so other Sonos customers can add their +1 and opinion to this. I have no information at this time about the Sonos PLAYBAR coming out in another color.
Hi Benjamin, I have the same request. All my components are also in white (3 play5 and 1 play3). I dearly hope the playbar will be available in white as well as the Sub. White is very appreciable, you do not see the dust as much as on black.. Thanks in advance Sonos!
Making a white/alu soundbar is the only way forward. It tends to be a prominent element i the living room. A white one won't be as dominant as a black one.
Even I've got a white Samsung TV, with a white PS3 slim. A white Playbar will complement it perfectly.
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It would be nice to get a PLAYBAR and a SUB in white.
The only thing holding me back from ordering a Playbar is that I hope a white edition will appear soon. I'm too the owner of a white tv 🙂 - my play 5 and play 3 are also white...