Loud Short Buzz Coming from Beam after TV is turned off

  • 11 December 2018
  • 30 replies

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30 replies

I’ll have a look through settings on the TV and see how mine is fixed. Thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks! I actually think I found a solution (so far no buzzing). Under General->Simplink(HDMI-CEC) TURN OFF (Auto Power Sync). This doesn’t need to be on since the Sonos never really turns off, this signal is essential doing nothing.
My diagnostic number is 1116500253.
I also have this intermittent issue.
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Just bought a Beam & LG C8 TV, so far they are both working beautifully with the exception of the loud noise I'm getting once I turn the TV off. It's very inconsistent, sometimes it happens 10 - 60 seconds after the TV is turned off other times not at all. I'm connecting the beam through the HDMI ARC port and using the supplied HDMI cable provided by Sonos. This doesn't happen with the built in TV speakers. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

HI adodero,

Welcome to the community. Can you submit a diagnostic report after this happens, then reply here with the confirmation number?