List of TV’s that will pass 5.1 from HDMI Sources to Playbar

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Hi all, I'm considering purchasing a Samsung H6400 series TV (a 55" in particular). Does anyone have any experience with this TV and a Playbar? Can anyone confirm that this TV will pass 5.1 audio from it's connected devices (ie. blueray player, sat box etc.) to the Playbar?

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I have the Samsung UE60F6300 just bought 2 months ago.

Firmware, the latest: 1120

When I connect the HDMI from my sat box to the TV directly the menu of Dolby Digital is not greyed out, so I select it and I see the picture OK, but the optical out then I send it to a reciever (to check if its indeed sending Dolby Digital) and there is no sound coming out from the TV...

Anything I am doing wrong. It seems that it CAN pass the signal to the Digital out (at least from the menu) but then I cant get any audio out...

Any help? Thanks
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Hi Buzz,

I guess my asking for a definitive list of TVs was a bit tongue in check and I was just venting some frustration at how hard Sonos have made it to get the most out of the PlayBar's capabilities!:rolleyes:

I don't think that it is possible to create a truly comprehensive or accurate list of TV's that pass through 5.1. One would need to test the universe of TV's regularly, but even daily testing might not result in an accurate list. Since most of the TV's in question offer online updates, an update could change the processing results for a given model in a few minutes. Plus, there could be running engineering updates for a model that change the situation. For these units the compatibility list information might not apply to dealer inventory manufactured prior to or after the (likely unknown) engineering change date. Dealers and manufacturers would be reluctant to share this information with customers, fearing that they might be stuck with unsellable inventory.

Then there is the question of liability for database errors. And, damage claims could originate from customers who purchased model XYZ TV because it was listed as compatible, but was not -- or from manufacturers claiming that the listing error resulted in lost sales for their model ZYX.

And the situation can become very weird. Recently, I was struggling with a set that displayed an error message when its speakers were turned OFF and an IR Volume command was received. This is annoying and, while it is often relatively easy to train PLAYBAR to use a different set of commands, using the TV's native remote can then become more difficult. Effectively, one is trading one annoyance for another. By accident, I discovered that the TV's speakers could be turned OFF after climbing down two different menu trees. If I used tree 'A' to turn the speakers ON, then used tree 'B' to turn them OFF, the error message was suppressed. I am dreading the next TV firmware update ... .
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I have to admit, I'm a little confused

We are looking at getting a new TV, nothing special just 40" thin (very thin) black surround and the ability to work (fully) with SoundBar in 5.1 mode. Albeit with the purchase of a Samsung DVD player to replace our 2 month old Panasonic that does not converter to 5.1 from DTS.

I saw this thread and thought there might be a definitive list of TV model numbers, but after wading through everything I seem to be no nearer a solution.

Does Sonos publish a list of recommended "compatible" TVs anywhere?? If not why not?

I am a great fan of Sonos since 2007, but they choose to make life difficult (with their chose of input options) so the least they could do is help out with a list of TVs that work!
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I have to admit, I'm a little confused. We are moving and thinking about our next configuration. I want to connect a Playbar to a Samsung UN75F6300AF and get 5.1 surround sound out of it. The manual on the Samsung syays the digital output supports 5.1 (though I've read some Samsungs do not). Assuming the broadcast is surround sound 5.1, will the TV pass the 5.1 signal using the digital output and then will the Playbar (and attached pair of Play 3s) play in surround sound?

Thanks in advance.
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Can anyone confirm whether the new 2014 Sony 4K TVs (particularly the X8500B series) pass 5.1 through its optical out to the PlayBar?
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Having just set up my new Samsung Tv
UE55HU8500 with the Playbar, I can confirm that the TV only passes PCM.
I have installed a CYP switch and run Toslink cables from Sky Box and Play Station to that and then to the Playbar.
Now get Dolby Digital from Sky Box and 5.1 from Play Station.
Switch is remote control, I am now a happy Sonos user.
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I think you've just sealed the deal for me! I've been undecided between a Sony and Samsung tv... It's definitely not going to be samsung now!
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In reply to previous posts:
- The firmware of my tv is indeed on its latest firmware version. Still no passthrough
- RaspberryPi is well configured (5.1 and enable passthrough).
- The options under sound, additional settings, optical are only PCM or DTSNeo. The others (DD, DTS) are always grayed out.
Conclusion: Samsung 2013 models will not enable 5.1 passthrough even though incoming signal (HDMI) is 5.1. Everything is converted to 2.0 PCM....
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Also the PS42Q97HD (old samsung)
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Has anyone managed to get 5.1 from KDL-40EX403 optical out from a hdmi input?
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I hooked my playbar directly to an apple tv 3 and PS3 optical in plugged via hdmi to a panasonic viera thl32 directly and all I can get is 'stereo'. Without a sub and 2 play 3's I don't see how you are expecting 5.1. And even so, we will get a 'simulated' 5.1...

I'm sorry if this has been mentioned already but this is what I wanted to ask about! In my Sonos Settings it says the input is STEREO. Is this because my TV can only output Stereo, or because it has picked up I only have a Playbar + Sub and no additional speakers?

I'd like to know for two reasons. Firstly if it should say Dolby 5.1, then I may as well not invest in rear speakers until my TV is due to be replaced. Also if it should say Dolby 5.1, does this effect the sound quality of the playbar+sub being only in stereo?

Thanks in advance! I'll keep reading these forums but I'm new and thought it would be quicker ot ask the experts. My TV is a 60PS40FD-AA.
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Make sure that the HDMI outputs are set to output DD (see below), and that you are outputting DD at the time you check the optical out (SPDIF) options.

PS3: Settings->Sound Settings->Audio Output Settings->HDMI->Manual Dolby Digital 5.1

Note - playing DD source: If the PS3 is only at the menus it will not be outputting DD, a DD source needs to be playing (movie or game).

RaspberryPi (RasBMC): SYSTEM->Settings->System->Audio output
Audio output device: HDMI, Number of channels: 5.1, Enable passthrough.

Note - Same as above for Raspi

See my last post #203 for my test results & settings, good luck



First post! Welcome to the forums.

Make sure that your TV's firmware is up to date. I'm not familiar with your model, but some of the firmwares have been updated and now will pass 5.1 streams from an HDMI input.
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Hey all,

My situation is as follows. Digibox (Belgium Telenet) attached through HDMI to TV. PS3 with HDMI to TV. XBMC (rPi) with HDMI to TV.
Only when I attach the optical cable from my PS3 to the sonos I get full dolby digital. On my TV the settings for dolby digital and DTS on the optical out are always greyed out. So I'm basically screwed.
I read that some people have succeeded on passing through the 5.1 on their samsung tv. But I'm completely stuck...
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Good news for Sony kdl-46nx713 owners.

Switched my virginmedia TIVO cable TV box to output Dolby Digital and the Sonos app is now reporting Dolby Digital as the input to the Playbar.

So the UK supplied Sony Kdl-46nx713 can pass through Dolby Digital.

Interestingly the menu options on the TV for optical output remain as only either auto or PCM, even with a DD signal. I achieved DD with it set to auto.

Still failing to get my Mac mini and PS3 to do the same.

I'll keep fiddling
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Just installed the surrounds (2xPlay1) and had a look. Source was KD Receiver (Kabeldeutschland, now a Vodafone Comp.).

Movie was something on FOX TV (HD) (Crap) - nevertheless - Sonos told me, the signal was 5.1 DD ...

TV is 42PFLG008K/12

Cheers, Rainer
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Hi Everyone, after following this thread for a little while I thought my TV investigation may help:

Samsung TV - UE46ES8000U (2012) F/W 2011.1 (26 Sept 2013)

Connections & Settings:

HDMI1 - Sky+ HD:Services->Settings->Sound->Digital Audio Output-HDMI DOLBY D

HDMI2 - PS3: Settings->Sound Settings->Audio Output Settings->HDMI->Manual Dolby Digital 5.1

The Test: For the test I chacked to see what options were available under SPDIF

Samsung TV ->Menu->Sound->Additional Settings->SPDIF Output->Audio Format-> Dolby Digital/PCM

The Results:

Sky+ HD: Both 'Dolby Digital' and 'PCM'

playing DD source: It is hard to find a DD source unless you subscribe to premium channels (which I don't) I ended up using BBC1 HD (note - played program must be in DD)

PS3: Both 'Dolby Digital' and 'PCM'

playing DD source: If the PS3 is only at the menus it will not be outputting DD, a DD source needs to be played (movie or game).

Conclusion: I don't have any equipment that can decode/play DD and therefore can only testify to the option being available under SPDIF on the Samsung TV, however I would be quite confident that if available it would be output.


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Can anyone confirm whether the 2014 Samsung TVs (particularly the HU9000) pass 5.1 to the PlayBar?
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I recently purchased Sharp's Aquos LC-60LE650U and connected it to my Sonos playbar (along with sub+2 play 3) via the optical cable.It is passing dd 5.1 when watching netflix and some comcast channels that support DD.
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man, i should read these threads more closely. I had no idea within the beta sonos was included in audio devices and had resigned myself to using the remote for that last piece in my media setup. Now though, thanks carll, i have full voice control of xbox, tv, sat receiver and playbar. Awesome!

its so cool... i love it that you can say xbox volume up... really like the way you can tell the xbox the increments as well...
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Hi, just bought the Sonos play bar :)
I have a Philips 7606h Led TV, Does someone know if this TV output 5.1 via optical?
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Ok Thank you very much
I plan to bye a playbar with a sub and 2 play 1...

I have a sony tv 46hx920, like the hx929 in America. I read someone have one, and say that the tv pass in dd.
But this guy didnt say if the tv pass in dd with hdmi device connected ?

Thank in avance for aswer.

I have an older Sony TV (46XBR9) and it does pass DD through HDMI. I doubt that function would be removed from newer sets, but I suppose it is possible.