Linking Additional Stereo Speakers (as a child) to Home Theater Playbase Set-Up Not to be confused with Grouping

  • 25 January 2019
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PLEASE HELP-I am finding out that Sonos does not have programming capability to link any other type of speaker as a child to the Playbase, playbar or beam. This option is a priority to be added. It is my understanding that you currently only offer the option /ability to link the speakers set up as “surround” as a child to the playbase, bar, or beam which is a serious flaw and a huge limiting flaw to the overall product. Since surround only works with movies, -My only source of sound for TV shows is the playbase located 10’ away in the front as a speaker when watching various news stations. With my hearing deficits I really need more than just a front powerful speaker that is 10' away! I need additional speakers on either side of my head to improve the speech clarity when watching regular stations such as the news. My daughter set it up that way and grouped the side stereo speakers to the home theater system. While these are working, I can hear beautifully! When the side stereo speakers become suddenly ungrouped I can't hear well again.

Many people have hearing deficits that require a stereo set of speakers that play the existing audio heard on the front playbase, closer to them on either side of them in addition to the front sound and the only way to get this is with Sonos is by "grouping" speakers. Grouping of the speakers is “flawed”. This is very buggy since the added speakers frequently become disconnected from the group daily simply by inactivity. When this happens, the TV remote connected to the home theater system will no longer operate these speakers that have suddenly “ungrouped” themselves. Older people can't easily interface with an additional app to re-group them every time they drop off. The app can regroup them but it takes a bit of messing around with it and at 80 years of age-this isn't as easy as you would think. In addition, my fingers are big and I typically hit the wrong button. Why on earth would you ever think that people would never want the ability to add to the regular audio output as well as the surround type of set-up? Surround speakers only function while watching movies, and even then won't give audio of the people speaking unless those people are behind you…and surround isn’t even working when most programs aren't programmed to play it…what a mess and what a waste!

My option seems to be to have my daughter program a sequence into a universal remote that will group all the speakers together..Unless you can take the time to add the necessary programming sequence that can link other speakers as children to the selected speakers. I really think this should be an easy fix for your programmers and should already be present in this sophisticated of a sound system at this price point. Please let me know if we can add this programming!

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3 replies

You can minimize the ungrouping by going to More > Settings > Room Settings > (Playbase room name) and setting 'Ungroup on Autoplay' to 'Off'.
It's been requested before, for people who with hearing issues as well as people who just want stereo sound coming from the rears while watching TV. I think it would be a nice feature personally. Having the options to always play full stereo for TV audio or play full stereo when receiving a stereo signal.

I can't assume that this is easy programming change. For one thing, I believe that dialog is concentrated into the center channel. The front left and right would then be 'dialog weak'. If you're playing stereo from the rear speakers as well, it shouldn't be dialog weak, since there is no rear center channel for dialog to compensate. So, it would not be a simple of matter of duplicating the front left channel audio on the rear left channel, and the same on the right side. But I am speculating.
I will try shutting Off the “ungroup on Autoplay”. Thank you