LG OLED55C8 with Sonos beam and Firestick 4K

  • 10 August 2019
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My set up is an LG55C8 with a Sonos Beam and two surround speakers connected to the TV via ARC and HDMI all ok on Freesat TV and when my MAG322 is connected for my iptv and also fine on the TV's in built iptv with my paid for subscription service
But my issue is once I have connected my brand new 4K Firestick TV I then get lip sync issues with the firestick on live broadcasts
The Firestick has been tested on my other TV and works with no noticeable lip sync issues but as soon as its loaded onto the C8 I get the issue.
The iptv provider on the Firestick is the same as on the Mag and the inbuilt iptv app on the C8
Is it a comparability issue?
Just a quick update This morning I unplugged everything and just ran the Firestick through HDMI 1 with the TV sound only and the lip sync was even worse.
The Firestick has been tested independently and is working perfectly so I can only assume that there is a compatibility issue between the C8 and the Firestick 4K

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