LG oled c8 tv lip sync issues are terrible!

  • 11 September 2019
  • 4 replies

Can anyone tell me if the lip sync issues can be corrected with the Sonos playbar and LG Oled c8 tv? I have two LG Oleds C8 tv's with the sonos Sound bar, sub and two rears. The lip sync delay is terrible with directv and even worse on the tv's apps such as youtube, hulu, and netflix. I almost need to turn off the sound bar and use the tv speakers. I have tried everything I have read online. Turned off dolby on the directv, tried lip sync feature on lg tv and sonos app but the sound is after the picture and no way to move the sound up. Not sure why Sonos does not allow HDMI arc audio. There has to be a way to fix this!!! I have read the need to buy an optical switch or to plug the optical cable into the directv box but that will not help with the lg apps for netflix, hulu or amazon. I hear that lg blames sonos and sonos blames LG. I have to think it is Sonos fault for not using hdmi ARC audio like most other sound bars.

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4 replies

I am experiencing the same issue. I have a LG B8 TV with a Sonos Playbar connected via an optical cable, as well as a sub but additionally have a Sky Q satellite receiver. I have tried to make adjustments on all three the devices but to no avail. When I last spoke to Sonos technical support they advised they were aware of the issue and were working on a fix. However just to add to my frustration, the lip sync issue appears to have been made worse since the recent Sonos 10.4 update!!
I agree. I think issues are worse since the update and when I use the Youtube app on the tv it is almost unwatchable. Not sure why Sonos does not use HDMI ARC input for their soundbars. I think that would avoid this issue.

Have you tried the A/V sync setting on your tv in settings > sound.  Should be set to ON not Auto.  Worked for me.


Should have said. SKY Q hdmi out to tv hdmi arc in.  Optical out from the tv using the sonos optical adapter and hdmi cable directly into beam or playbar.  Check the above.  Worked for me. no more problems.