LG HF80LSR Laser Beamer sound to SONOS

  • 18 January 2020
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I just bought a LG HF80LSR Laser Beamer and am really happy with ist.

The sound needs a bit of support, that‘s why I want to use my SONOS base and Play one.

an AppleTV 4K brings netflix, now: how can I use SONOS Products?

Thank you for any help


1 reply

So a Laser Beamer is a projector? It appears to have an optical output on it, you’d just need to connect that to your PLAYBASE with a (long?) optical cable. 

Your other option would be to pull the audio from the HDMI stream before it reaches the projector, using an HDMI switch type device, as many others in this area of the forum have posted about, but you’ll still have the challenge of the distance between where your projector is, and where the speaker belongs, below or above the image.