• 18 August 2018
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Can I connect a second TV to a Sonos speaker that is part of a Sonos network? I have a Sonos soundbar connected to 5 speakers and a TV and would like to connect a second TV to one of the speakers as the TV volume does not get loud enough. I have both an extra Bridge (Boost?) and Zoneplayer (Connect?) and I have a bridge for stronger Wifi strength.

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5 replies

OK, let's slow down a minute, and deal with this one thing at a time.

You say you have a soundbar, which one? What are the five speakers that you're talking about? What room is this all in that the sound doesn't get loud enough for?

For instance, I have a standard PLAYBAR 5.1 system, and if I were to turn it all the way up, I wouldn't be able to stay in the living room, it would be too loud. I think that your problem might be somewhere else, or you're trying to use a Sonos in a stadium sized room.

How is your current soundbar connected to your TV? When you open up the audio settings on your TV, is there somewhere that allows you to change the optical / digital output from "variable" to "fixed"? If so, what is it set to right now? What is the make and model of the TV?

A BRIDGE does not have any inputs, so it wouldn't help you in this quest.

A CONNECT (which you call a Zoneplayer) does have an analog in, which could indeed accept an analog input from a TV, but it would be delayed by at least 70ms, and not match the input from your other TV which is (I expect) connected with the optical input. And you'd have to split up the speakers into 2 groups to get both TV's to play.

I think more clarity is needed before you move forward. I think we can resolve your volume issue without you needing to add more equipment or another TV.
Thank you for your response, I am a novice at this and many of my Sonos products are over 10 years old so to avoid confusion on my part I will use the names that are on the components. I have a bridge connected directly to the router, the playbar (I did not see any model 😵 was purchased last December and 2 Play1's as surround and 4 Play3's in various rooms. The primary TV is connected to the sound bar and I assume that is the central point of the Sonos set up. We have a wireless TV box transmitter and 2 TV wireless receiver boxes. One attached to the primary TV and the other one to the secondary TV which is located in the same room as one of the Play3's. My problem is that the secondary TV volume on its own cannot be turned up enough to be comfortably heard across the room. I agree with you that the soundbar and surrounds can be much too loud for comfort which has happened numerous times if one forgets to turn the volume done on the zone before switching back to streaming music after watching the primary TV.
My question is that if it is possible to connect the Play3 to the secondary TV and use the Sonos app to control the volume on that speaker?
Thanks for the extra data, and don’t sweat being a novice...we all are at some point. I just needed more data in order to understand your setup and give some suggestions. :)

So, you’re running SonosNet, because your BRIDGE is connected with an Ethernet cable to your router. That’s good.

There is only one version of the PLAYBAR, so that means you have it connected to your TV set with an optical cable, which is as it should be. Right now, this is the only TV sound that is part of the Sonos system in your home.

As I understand it, you have another TV in another room, which happens to have a PLAY:3 ( or two, unimportant at this moment) that you would like to have the TV sound also be part of your Sonos system. This TV may or may not be on the same channel as the TV connected to the PLAYBAR, so grouping the two rooms isn’t acceptable.

So, there’s two possibilities here. The one I would recommend is actually getting another sound bar ( a PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, or a Beam) to add to that second TV. Then you could group those PLAY:3s with it and get the volume you desire. This is indeed possible, having two TVs connected, I have such a setup in my home, with a PLAYBAR in both my living room and master bedroom.

The less savory possibility is adding a CONNECT, and using the analog line in on it to accept an output from the TV (assuming the TV has an analog output!) the problem here is the delay caused by Sonos’ processing of an analog line in, so lipsync would likely be an issue, and you would only ever be able to have stereo and never Dolby Digital out of it. Granted, that may not be a big issue for you, but I would suggest that the lipsync might be.

In your particular case, I’d probably recommend a Beam, which would fit in your current setup quite well, and resolve the TV volume issue for you. And then you could add the pair of PLAY:3s as surrounds.

Hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask more questions, as needed.
Thank you, I hadn't thought of the delay so it sounds like the Beam would be the best solution.
I think you'll be happy, although I've not bought one myself. I do think that the Sonos devices that are designed to be connected to a TV set are a much better solution than the cobbled together attempt with a CONNECT and the analog line in.