Issues with DTS multichannel music with Sonos Amp

  • 28 December 2021
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My setup is a Sonos Amp with two passive speakers and two Sonos Ones as surround speakers. The amp is connected to a TV via HDMI ARC.

I use mainly Kodi for playback but have tested also with VLC to confirm the issues I experience. Kodi is running directly on the TV (Android) and VLC on a Mac.

Dolby Digital 5.1 encoded music works perfectly and sounds great, also DTS music transcoded on the fly to Dolby Digital (transcoding supported by Kodi) works great.

I understand that Sonos Amp supports DTS since a few weeks now, so I decided to give direct play of DTS tracks a spin. So far I have no luck, both Kodi and VLC produce no sound when playing DTS music to the Amp without transcoding.

When I play DTS files with Kodi, the Sonos app does show that I am playing DTS Surround, even if there is no sound.

Does anyone have a clue what is the issue here?


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3 replies

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If you decide to go for option 1, I believe all recent TV’s made by Samsung and LG (and reading your posted link at least some Philips models too) do not do DTS, not even on pass through.

In general, there’s a three potential solutions, none of them inexpensive.

  1. replace your TV set.
  2. Use an HD Fury Arcana to strip the audio signal from HDMI before it reaches your TV set.
  3. Use a similar device made by Feintech (available more easily in the EU than here in the states) to do the same thing. as 2. 
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I believe I have solved my own question. My TV just does not pass through DTS.

Any ideas on how to work around this.