Is Sonos Arc suitable for a room 14feet by 16feet with a Sony 77 inch OLED TV ?

  • 19 January 2023
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I am quite keen to buy the new SONOS arc sound bar. But I am not sure if it is suitable to my room. I am afraid it may be an overkill. My room size is 14 feet by 16 feet (224 sq feet or 20 sq mtr). I have a 77 inch Sonly OLED TV and wish to use the arc with it in the room. Cananyone please advice if I can go ahead and get it or if it is not advisable for such a small room size. I need the best possible sound quality and ready to spend the money, I mean budget is not a constraint. Your help will be greatly appretiated. Thank you very much.


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If a 77inch TV is okay in the room then the Arc will fit in just fine. :)

Hi Stanley, Thank you so much for that valuable piece of information. Very grateful to you for taking the time and for your consideration. I will go ahead and buy the ARC.
Thank you again!

Thank you very much for your kind reply UK Media :) _/|\_

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We have a Beam, gen 1 in a 15 by 15 room and it is quite nice for listening to TV shows but it is a bit weak for movies, adding a Sub might help, surrounds would do little.

An ARC is a far better fit for movies in that size room.

I’d add a pair of One SL surrounds if your source is surround capable.

Also a sub of some sort. Don’t know if the mini would be good or you’d want the full sized one. I can tell you the full Sub is WAY TOO MUCH for a 10x10 office!