Is my t.v. compatible?

  • 1 November 2016
  • 6 replies

So, finally saved up enough to buy a play bar - and I unpacked it and found the cable provided doesn't seem to plug anywhere into my t.v.!

Could you advise if a Panasonic TX-23LXD60 is compatible with the play bar or will I sadly have to send it back?

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6 replies

It looks like the TV only has SCART connections and an analog audio output. The Playbar requires an optical audio output. Unless you want to get a ADC (analog to digital converter) that outputs via optical to place in between (which will only give you stereo), the two units are not compatible.
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Hi Roodeberg. It looks like jgatie is correct and that particular TV does not have an optical audio output connection so you would not be able to output audio from the TV to your PLAYBAR. As a workaround, if your cable box or Bluray player have an optical audio connection, you could bypass the TV and wire the PLAYBAR directly to that source device instead. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Thanks Both, yes, found an optical output on the skybox .....but the next question is how would I go about disabling the speakers in the t.v. (if you need to do that - or do you just add the play bar to the t.v. speakers?) Thanks!
p.s. the t.v. is in hotel mode - (I did that a while back) but the sound is still coming from the t.v.!
You definitely want to silence the TV speakers. Are your hotel mode settings as follows?

Hotel Mode : On
Initial Vol Level : Off
Maximum Vol Level : 0

If all else fails, try plugging some cheap headphones in the headphone output!
OK, phew! found a few other sources of info and have now got it all working - thanks both!