Intermittent sound on Play One & Play:3 when watching sports

  • 12 September 2018
  • 3 replies

Sound from my Play Ones and Play:3 seem to cut out rather frequently, in particular while watching a sporting event. For some reason, it appears to happen when the crowd noise increases in volume, i.e. home run or touchdown. It's very noticeable because the background noise of the crowd is a constant buzz. Anyone, else have this issue? My current setup is a Playbar, 2 Play Ones (as stereo pair) and 1 Play:3. I also have my Play Ones and Play:3 in the vicinity of my router. Any help would be appreciated.

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3 replies

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Hi Eyexist

It appears you are using your Playbar as a stand-alone speaker and the others are named differently (i.e. other rooms) and grouped to the Playbar.. In that setup the Playbar is probably decoding the crowd noise as surround but it has no where to send it. Consequently your Play 1's and Play 3 aren't getting the crowd stream as it's been captured by the Playbar.

Thanks AjTrek1! That makes sense.

So there's really no way around this except for setting up the Play Ones as surround? I have it set up as you mentioned because I do most of my watching from the kitchen, which sits roughly 30 feet away from the TV. My Play Ones & Play:3 are in the kitchen so I can hear from there. I suppose I can set the Play Ones midway (as surround) and have Play:3 as the only speaker in the kitchen.

Thanks again!
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Hi Eyexist

Just for FYI and clarification you referred to the speakers other than the Play 3 as Play One's. Just want to make sure they are Play 1's and not Sonos One's. It doesn't make any difference but the later has Alexa capabilities.

On to your post:

You could bond the Play 1's as surrounds to your Playbar then in the Sonos app set the Play 1's to FULL for music. In that way you get the best of both worlds_surround and Full on speakers (as a stereo pair) for music. Just know that when playing music in the setup the Playbar will join the party as well. However, you can control the volume of the Play 1's independently of the Playbar in the Sonos app.