intermittent sound loss. set-up = Beam+LG TV+AppleTV

  • 10 May 2020
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from time to time, I lose sound, like if the connection is lost somewhere between my devices. the cables are tight and well connected and everything works perfectly most of the time. I cannot understand where is the fault. It seems that the Beam doesn’t “see” the AppleTV. When I restart the later, it doesn’t help. When I switch off ATV, then the LG, it works again. any idea?


thank you

1 reply

@ctrlalt Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Have you reached out to anyone in the French Forum? Also, we can see am old diagnostic report history, which indicates you have two Sonos systems setup with a Beam at each location. Please confirm the TV model number along with an updated diagnostic report number from the current Sonos system you are connected with and troubleshooting.

How is everything connected with respect to the TV, the Beam and Apple TV box? Have you confirmed the audio format out settings for the Apple TV box and your TV? They should be set to PCM or Dolby and not Auto, DTS or Bitstream. Also, in order to better troubleshoot the issue, can you play a stream from a music service like Sonos Radio, TuneIn, Apple music or Amazon music to the Beam without an issue? If yes, then this will likely come down to the wires connecting everything to one another or the audio out settings of your TV or Apple TV box. There are sometime issues with the actual show/content you are watching’s format.

Do you have access to another source to test like a cable box? Please follow up here with the requested information from along with an updated diagnostic report number from your system when you can recreate the audio issue.