We already have 2xplay5 speakers (Gen 1 with bridge) + current play1 (with Alexa) that work well. We wish to purchase a Beam (2020) + Samsung (4K smart TV). We would like to know whether all these can be integrated easily. We want to ensure audio and visual are synced when watching tv. All speakers would be in the same room. Some questions for you clever folks:
1. Can we still use the bridge or do we need the Boost? 
2. We were told we could only use one Play 5 Gen1 with the new hardware, not two Play5 Gen1. Is this true?

3. Should we upgrade the Play5 Gen 1 for Gen  2? If so do we need a boost?

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  1. I would encourage retirement of the BRIDGE. You could replace it with a BOOST, or simply wire a speaker to your router, one that isn’t a surround speaker or a SUB. 
  2. This depends on use. As regular music speakers, they’re fine. However, since they lack the 5Ghz antenna necessary, they can not be used as surrounds. In your case, I’d consider sourcing a second PLAY:1 for surround duty. However, I don’t think you have a PLAY:1 because you say it’s with Alexa, which means it is a Sonos One, not a PLAY:1. But two of them would be excellent surround speakers for the Beam. However, if you prefer, updating the two PLAY:5 gen 1 devices to either PLAY:5 gen 2 devices, or the new Sonos Fiveswould allow them to be used as surrounds, both of those newer devices have the 5Ghz antennas that allow them to be used as surround speakers.
  3. Covered in the previous answer.
  4. Bonus information… when you ‘group’ a room with the Beam room, and stream music to it, all rooms will play in sync. When you’re using the TV input on the Beam, the second room will have a slight delay. 

Hi - first a bit of terminology - there is no Play:1 with Alexa - I assume you have a Sonos One.

Also a bit of information that you may or may not be aware of.  Sonos is launching ‘Sonos S2’ next month.  Some older devices cannot be part of that, and so your gen 1 Play;5s would have to go in a separate system, or hold back your whole system.

As to whether everything will ‘integrate’ it depends what you mean.  All the devices can play together, but not necessarily in the way you want.

To answer your numbered questions:

  1. I would strongly recommend dumping the Bridge.  Old tech, now often unreliable.  You could replace it with a Boost, but alternatively you could wire one of your speakers, or do without a wired component.
  2. No, that is absolute rubbish and whoever told you that should never be trusted again!  You could use both, but I would recommend you use neither.  If you were planning on using them as surround speakers for the Beam then you can’t - gen 1 P:5s have never been usable as surround speakers.  Also, as mentioned, they can’t be used in Sonos S2.
  3. If the aim is to have a surround sound system for the TV then Play:5s are considered by many people to be a bit OTT for surrounds.  I suggest you get a One SL to use with the One you already have as surrounds.  You could put the P:5s in another room as a separate system.  If you want to use the P;5s as a strereo pair for music then upgrading to gen 2 would be a good idea

The Play;5s can be used to get 30% off speakers and speaker bundles.

I cannot guarantee that you will get perfect sync on audio because the TV has a major role in this.  But by all accounts, the Arc would give you a better prospect of this than the Beam.  It would also make much better use of the capabilities of your new TV

So my advice would be to use your two 30% discount entitlements to buy an Arc and a One SL.  

Or get a 30% discount on an Arc, Sub and 2 x One SLs bundle, if you really want to push the boat out.

Edit - Bruce beat me to it.  Good to see that the advice is very similar!