Integrate Sonos in new recievers

Right now a Sonos connect is needed to integrate recievers into the Sonos system even though most high end recievers have network connections, built-in Spotify and sometimes even user selectable apps.

Sonos already started a cooperation with Onkyo which make it possible for the sonos connect to control and wake up the reciever, but why not integrate the functionality of the Sonos connect in the Onkyo software?

This would of course result in less sold Sonos connect but if you needed to pay Sonos to activate the connection in the Onkyo reciever it would be a benefit for both Sonos, Onkyo and the end costumer.
Sonos: Possibility to get new users that first only bought the Onkyo reciever but then choose to pay to activate Sonos.
Onkyo: Can market better compatibility which makes the product more attractive.
End customer: Get less units taking space at home. This is also better in an environmental perspective since less products are needed in total.

I now try to lift this as a discussion to see others perspective on it and if it is a popular topic I can hope that Sonos and Onkyo create a solution.

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