If you're experiencing audio delay issues, read this

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LG VIP customer service told me today that the new firmware release due last Friday was pulled back. They did not give me a new ETA
Hey Bigmanibids. You mentioned 5 days ago there would be an update to resolve this unbelievable unacceptable sync problem. Still no update. $700 for a soundbar and it can’t do its main job correct. We are all idiots. I own 17 Sonos products and up until this I’ve had no real complaint. I bought a cheap $99 soundbar to compare and it worked flawlessly. Hope that it comes out soon or the playbar is going on eBay. What a joke.
This issue is all over the internet. It seems like people give up.

I’m using a playbase, LG C7 oled, and Xbox one S. There’s a delay when the Xbox is set to bitstream surround, but not uncompressed stereo.

The way I mitigated the audio delay was by running my optical directly to the playbase, from the Xbox one s. Not ideal because you give up the TVs switch capability. but it works.

The problems everyone seems to be having originates at the hdmi to tv/ tv optical out to playbar playbase pass through.

The sonos app has an audio delay, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Super frustrating.
Experiencing this issue as well. Just throwing my info in if its helpful. I get lip sync issues with this combo:

- Playbase and 2 PLAY:1s
- Sony XBR55X900E
- Xbox One X

The xbox is connected to the TV via HDMI, the TV to the Playbase via Optical

I have no lip sync issues when using one of these instead of the xbox one:
- Apple TV
- PS4
- Nintendo Switch
Just had my playbase and LG Oled TV installed. Experiencing lip sync delay. It is not consistent. Sometimes it appears synced and others times not especially when I first start watching. It seems to work well when playing Netflix.
Please keep us posted on this. I am getting audio delay with my PS4 Pro on my full 5.1 Sonos system with my LG OLED B7A. Funny thing is that all other devices are perfect. No audio delay with Apple TV or 4K Blu-ray Player.
Woohoo! Thank you! I will wait with worms on my tongue!
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I just spoke to the LG VIP support representative She indicated that the firmware update to resolve the lip sync issue is scheduled to be released this Friday ( it may take a few weeks to be available to all consumers )- a hopeful development -
I have the same problem - lipsync is hosed on my LG OLED with audio connected to Play Base via optical audio. But I've had the set up for a while (since just after Christmas) and haven't noticed this problem till just now. AND my setup has been disconnected for about 3-4 weeks (renovations). Could something have happened since say the middle of February? Some auto update of Sonos or LG? My Sonos did update today when I hooked it up again and turned it on for the first time in weeks. Don't know if OLED TV updated. SOMETHING has changed... (and thanks for all this info: I'll watch for solution...)
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Hello everyone. Quick update: The team is aware of an issue with LG OLED and Sony XBR TV's using Dolby Digital and lip sync. It'd take a firmware update to fix it on the TV's side of things, but we have no word on that. This can be further tested and verified by changing the audio from Dolby Digital to PCM (Stereo) or by testing the audio with another optical audio source such as your cable box. Thank you for your patience on this so far.
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I have a Verizon Fios 1100 (arris) STB box. The only way I can mostly eliminate lip sync is to change audio to stereo on the STB box. For my other devices Roku, blue ray player bypass appears to minimize issue I also will keep my LG C7. But wish LG, Verizon,Sonos could fix the issue
LG C7 user here. Bypass is better than any of the delay settings for me. Obnoxious. TG for the 45 day return window.
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I have an oled c7 with the playbase 5.1 setup and i have this terrible lag problem. I also have ks9000 that i had previously setup with the playbase 5.1 setup and guess what, same problem. All sonos keep saying its the tv. Really?!?!
I setup my Xbox One S yesterday with the optical out directly the the Playbar with the hopes of avoiding audio going through the TV altogether. It is definitely and improvement but I still had to turn the TV audio sync on with the bypass mode enabled. It is now close enough to not be distracting, but still not perfect. And if I want to chromecast something or watch something on an app that Xbox doesnt have, I am stuck swapping optical cables which is really annoying. Hoping that someday this gains traction. Sonos stopped responding to my ticket in December.
I have the same audio delay issue! The video on my tv is ahead of the audio on my Sonos Playbar, so frustrating and seemingly can't be fixed because I can't delay the video. The optical out on my tv is connected directly to the Sonos playbar. My tv is a Sony XBR65X850c
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This is either a sonos issue or tv manufacturer issue. I suggest , if you have not done so, contact support. We all want this issue resolved
I have the same issue. Philips 55POS9002 OLED TV, Playbase and two Play 5's as surround. With the TV outputting DD 2.0 I have terrible lip sync issues. Switching TV to output Stereo improves the issue but it is not perfect.

Looking forward to someone taking the issue seriously.
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Redesign the SONOS playbar/playbase to use HDMI passthrough so embedded audio stays synced.
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You need a HDMI splitter with audio out such as a viewhd box from amazon. If you have a harmony remote you can give everything to switch correctly automatcially, or LG could address the issue. Better still sonos should get with the modern age and use HDMI for audio, ridiculous
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I also chatted with LG and received the same standard answer that I read in the forum - known problem- engineers looking at it - no ETA- also frustrated and wonder whether LG is actively trying to solve issue
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I have found a partial solution to the audio sync issue for my lg c7 and playbar. I have set all device audio ( roku,Verizon set up box ) to Sterio. I also set audio sync on and tv with bypass on. It seems to solve lip sync problem but not optimum I hope LG really solves problem
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I just called LG about this, and their VIP support told me that the engineering team is still aware of the issue and is investigating. They could not provide me with an ETA on the fix, unfortunately.

Also, in playing with settings, I found that turning on A/V Sync Delay, then setting it to 'Bypass' significantly improved the sync. It's now barely noticeable, which is an enormous improvement on what I was observing before.
so excited to finally set up my system, but so disappointed in the sync as listed above, I wish I would have known about this. I'll call LG, but this seems crazy that this isn't fixed yet. What else do we need to do???

Sync Issue with:
SONOS PlayBar and SUB
Connections: Apple TV 4K > HDMI > LG > Optical > Playbar
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FWIW, I'm having the same issue. Have only really noticed it while playing a game on my Xbox One. When I play with headphones, everything is in perfect sync. When I play over the Sonos system, everything has a delay. After some searching, I was hoping to find a solution here, but no such luck. 😞
Hi to all, same problem here even with the newest LG firmware.
OLED55C7V with 04.70.65 just updated two days ago.

The german LG support says they don't know anything about audio delays ... funny, mailed them a lot of forum-links.

I use a Ligawo 3080026 HDMI HDR Switch to solve the problem, but i would love to not have to use this additional peace of hardware.