If you're experiencing audio delay issues, read this

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Do we have any updates on this? I just bought the Sony OLED A1E and I'm having issues and can't stand it. I plug in my cheap 99.99 sound bar and no issues. I ended up using an HDMI audio extractor to fix the AppleTV issues but still frustrating the Sonos doesn't work and a cheap sound bar does.
I have the same issue with my LG OLED55B... I have gotten it pretty close by setting the avsync setting on the TV to -3 or -4 when watching blu-ray's. However, it seems like every device i plug in wants a little different adjustment which is super annoying. I also haven't tried it yet, but using a built-in app I am guessing i'll have to change that value also.

Not sure if it is the same for you, but in Stereo there are no issues, but as soon as it goes to DD 5.1 the lag starts. I was wondering if this has to do with the amount of data going through there, or whether the 5.1 triggers the addition of the bass track or something.
I have the same issue. I have a Philips Oled tv, and the out sync is only getting worse. When bypasing Sonos everything is in sync. So frustrating.
I got a new 60inch Sony and a play at for Black Friday. After returning the first play bar because it made smoke when I plugged it in.. it was dead on arrival. I got the second one hooked up today. It worked but there is a crazy delay that only gets worse with the lip sync delay setting. I’m going straight out of the TV via optical and just using the built in smart apps. It’s just aweful, being a filmmaker myself it makes me cringe. I’ll be returning this second one tomorrow if I can’t find a fix.
I have the same problem with a Panasonic DX802b. Audio delay as discussed while bit-streaming to Playbar.

No issues when I directly play from the TV i.e built in apps or tv tuner but happens when passing through 5.1 via HDMI.

Temporary fixed by using a HDMI switch with optical out to the playbar which is a pity as I would like to use the TV to "manage" all my inputs.

Numerous people over at AVforums have the same issue but Panasonic is made aware by myself and others but their recent update did nothing to resolve the issue.
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I only get audio delay with xbox, I assume this is because we're forced to use bitstream out and dolby digital. The audio lag is present on the tv when bypassing sonos, sonos makes it worse however. Bitstream out and dts works flawlessly on the tv but alas sonos refuse to support dts. With all my recent playbar woes I think im finally ready to sell up and move on to a proper home theater set up.
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Thanks for reaching out everyone. Usually, lip sync issues come from something handling the audio along the way, so a recent change could be due to an update on your TV if the PLAYBAR is wired in there. Try wiring directly into the source to see what the sync is like.

In any case, we'd love to investigate this with you further. I'd suggest giving us a call so we can work on this in real time and gather as much information as possible. Our contact information can be found here.
I too have had this issue but just lived with it. I can adjust the lip sync delay settings and it does make a difference but no matter what the setting the audio and video are never all the way in sync.

By the way, I have a Sony TV.
Got exactly the same issue with LG C7 . Playbar - sub and all the rest basic setup connect straight . Let me know if they want more “case” users.

And also, keep us post !
This is disappointing. I just purchased an LG OLED C7 and a playbar. I have the same problem. I wish I saw this last week.
I've developed the same issue as of two days ago, and I've got 2 Playbars that have been in use for over a year suddenly lagging behind. Adjusting the delay has zero effect. Nothing has changed in my gear and one is off a FiOS box and the other off an Xbox One.
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That sounds really frustrating, Prodan, thanks for sharing. It looks like that case you mentioned is open with one of our most senior technicians, so you're in good hands. Let me know if I can help with anything else, and hopefully we can get all your questions answered soon. Talk to you soon!