I might have wasted money on Play One surrounds

My setup is this. Apple TV 4K connected to Sony XBR TV via HDMI. The TV is set to output sound to Digital Audio Out. I have the Playbar connected to the TV via Digital Audio Cable. This setup has been working well for the past year. Now I want to add surround to my system. I purchased two Play Ones and connected them as surround speakers to my Playbar. I get very little sound, if any through the surround speakers. I have been researching my connections and options. Of concern is a statement in my Sony manual that says “ If connecting a digital audio system that is compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC) technology, use HDMI IN 4. If not, an additional connection with DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) is necessary.” So is this telling me that my Sony is going to require a Digital Audio cable connected to my Apple TV (which, of course, does not exist)? When I check “About my Sonos system” the Playbar is only receiving a stereo signal, but I know I’m playing Dolby 5.1 on my Apple TV. Any help or do I need to return my Play Ones?

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Only some TVs will actually pass on 5.1 however Sonos does try to artificially make the surrounds play. However you have to stand close to actually here what noise the surrounds make as it is additional sounds not a full track like the base or bar. Unless you turn it up!!!
You could save a few pounds by using the intelligent ones some where else and just use two play 1 s for surrounds
I am not sure about the Sony’s but a lot of TVs will only pass PCM steroids out via the optical from input sources. There are optical audio splinters on Amazon for around $50 I have a J-Tech 4K Audio extractor which would give you optical audio out and if the Apple can bitstream DD AC-3 then you would be good. I don’t own an Apple TV so you would have to check.
I hate autocorrect steroids = stereo ;)
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I would check yout TVs optical out options. On my Panasonic i have spdif set to auto instessd of PCM and it passes through DD fine.

How old is the TV? What specific model?
My TV is the XBR-65X850C. I have not found any options concerning digital output. Once you select digital output instead of tv speakers, most audio options are greyed out.
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Probably doesn't matter but there are no Play ones, only Play 1 and Sonos One speakers. Yea, great planning ,Sonos marketing dept.
If the Sony is like my Samsung, they are greeted out unless it detects a matching incoming signal e.e DD 5.1 will become un-grayed if an incoming DD 5.1 signal is detected on the active input.

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