How to pass receiver output to sonos connect


I have the following components:
1. Samsung Smart TV (UN65H8000) connected to HDMI out port on receiver. Also has optical and RCA audio/video out options.
2. Yamaha AC receiver RX-V681 which drives surround sound speakers in living room
3. Sonos connect (line out connected to AV1 in on receiver) in living room
4. Sonos connect:amp in three other rooms (all reside in the living room and connected to each other via ethernet)

I can play pandora, my music library, etc great in the living room and other three rooms by setting the receiver to AV1 . . I can play TV audio fine by setting my receiver to HDMI2 (set top box).
I am trying to figure out a way to direct the TV audio to the Connect:Amp to play in the other three rooms. There is no "line out" or "audio out" on my receiver, except for a 3.5 mm headphone jack. I tried connecting the TV's red/white component output to the corresponding inputs on the Connect and then playing "Line in" on the amp to the entire group, but I'm not getting any sound. I'm assuming this is because the audio is being routed from the cable box to the Yamaha receiver to the speakers, and only the video signal goes to the TV, so there is no sound to forward to the Sonos connect. (When I turn the TV volume up to 100, there is no sound except the "volume up" sound effect).

Is it possible to accomplish this?

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Hi. Are you sure that component connection on the TV is an output not an input? What sort of connection goes from cable box to receiver? I'm wondering if some form of splitter might do the trick
The component connection on your TV is an INPUT not an output, it's not possible to get audio from that connection.
Cable box connects to receiver via HDMI.

You're right that it's likely component input. I just got that idea from another forum here where a poster asked s a similar question.
Do you want sound through receiver at same time as C:As? I think perfect synch is unlikely if you do
You might be able to use something like this to pass hdmi to receiver and RCA to the Connect line-in, from the cable box HDMII out that is currently just going to receiver. I can't see for sure that this is the right sort of converter/splitter.
They don't have to be in perfect sync because they're in different rooms. So are saying to bypass the receiver and plug the cable box directly into the Sonos line in?
No, not really. I'm suggesting hdmi from cable box to the splitter/extractor, with two outputs: hdmi to the receiver and rca to the Connect line-in. So I suppose I am saying that for the Connect part you would by-pass the receiver. I am not totally confident of this but I think it might work.
Zone2 should do what you want. See this YAMAHA FAQ. You will need analog audio inputs for anything that you want sent to Zone2 out.


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