how move play1 from a room to an other where I have bean and sub to use "true play" in that room one

  • 30 April 2020
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in practice how can I do to move the two Plai1 in the room where I have bean e sub?

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Please would you have another go at explaining what you want to achieve? Where does Trueplay come in to it?

Do you want to use the Play:1s as surround speakers?

I apologize for my not too clear writing.
Now I have two rooms with respective speakers, I would like to bring them together in one room (TV room). From the application (i-phone) what steps do I have to do for the result I'm looking for?
Thanks for your patience and for the time you use

Hi. Thanks that is very clear now. Go into the settings for your Playbar (Settings,  System, then select your Playbar). Scroll down to find Add Surrounds and follow the on screen instructions.

You can run Trueplay on the HT setup using your iPhone Sonos app. 

thanks a lot for the suggestions. I managed to do what I wanted. Due to Wi-Fi problems in my home I have not yet been able to complete the "true play" procedure. I'll try again tomorrow morning
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If you have bonded the Play:1 as surrounds I think Trueplay will be lost if you unbond them.

Moving a speaker to another room will not do justice to Trueplay. Trueplay is room-dependent.

Note that TruePlay is not yet supported on the newest set of Apple devices, Sonos hasn’t updated their software yet to include them. Also, TruePlay is fairly sensitive to cases for the iOS device, it your device is in a case, I’d recommend removing it for the TruePlay process. There was one user whose microphone was blocked with crud, too, and they had some difficulty until they cleaned out the crud. Finally, it’s a safe bet to reboot your router if you run into difficulty.