How does one get better balance of high and low sounds instead of having to turn up and down the volume constantly?

  • 11 September 2019
  • 8 replies

A frustrating thing: after a loud action scene I find myself having to turn up the volume top hear anyone talking. Apart from the enhanced vocal setting, how does one do this an easier way?

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8 replies

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If your input is 5.1 it should not be a problem. I find this to be an issue only with stereo input in which case Sonos, like any other surround solution can't help you much other than offering speach enhancement and night mode.

Make sure your input provides proper Dolby Digital 5.1.
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The Playbase/Playbar/Beam have options for this: Night Sound and Speech Enhancement. Is that not sufficient?
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Would be a great feature to be able to control the centre speaker on the Playbar.

Half the problem is how the film soundtrack is mixed/ mastered though.

Night Mode + may be a good compromise (centre speaker +25%?).
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Simply put, we need more EQ options.
No, not really....
This is one of the cons for the pro of no wires Sonos AV solutions; with a wired legacy type HT, the volume levels on each channel can be adjusted allowing the centre dialog heavy channel to be set higher than all others.
ok, Im not sure what you’re referring to...
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Hi bumpkiss

If you have (or can borrow) an iOS device use TruePlay in the Sonos app to tune the speakers to your room environment. That may help.

However, a loud action scene should not affect dialogue assuming it was audible before the scene occurred. I have no such issue with my Sonos HT 🤔. From what I can gather you are turning the volume down during a loud action scene thus necessitating turning it back up again for dialogue.

ok, Im not sure what you’re referring to...

To clarify for @Kumar, if I may...wired surround systems using an AVR have separate speakers for Left / Center / Right (up front) and Left Rear / Right Rear (for surrounds) including the sub. That's a total of 5 speakers and the sub is the "point 1" in DD5.1 surround.

Each speakers volume can be adjusted separately during setup but typically requires a tuning meter with a microphone positioned at the seating area. Some AVR's will autotune each speaker using a similar technique with a built-in meter but still requiring a microphone to be positioned at the seating area.

After the levels are set the user typically only needs to use the supplied remote (or volume knob) as normal to adjust the overall listening level to their liking. I hope that explains things for you.