How does a home cinema setup integrate with normal home audio?

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Apologies for the really stupid and basic question….

If I buy a sounder such such as an Arc or Beam and then add in a stereo pair of Ones to use as back speakers, how does it appear in the Sonos system?  I have a few Sonos speakers which we use for music and radio, and want to see if I can reuse one of my existing Ones, add in a stereo pair and it still be usable as both a home cinema setup and also for my current audio needs.

If listening to audio in the home I probably wouldn’t need the Arc/Beam to be joining in, although maybe it doesn’t matter.  But if I start watching TV I wouldn’t want it to broadcast across the entire house.

What I’m trying to get at is that I want a really simple system that doesn’t involve any fiddling about with configuration and settings to use on a day to day basis.

Again sorry this feels like such a stupid question and it was quite hard to phrase so I hope it makes some sense.


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You’d add two play 1s To the arc as surrounds in the same room as the arc. This is a one of operation, you won’t want to be unpairing them often.  The room would be whatever you can it and the play 1s would be part of that room. For tv they would act as surrounds. For music you have a choice of having the 1s play full sound along with the arc or ambient fill. 

Then you buy and add other speakers to other rooms snd group them to play music. 
My recommendation would be to get a couple of IKEA bookshelf speakers as surrounds and n keep your play 1s for music in other rooms

In SONOS lingo a stereo pair or all of the speakers in a surround system become a single “Room”. You can ‘Group’ Rooms to play the same music. I don’t recommend Grouping additional speakers to rooms that are physically close to an ARC while watching TV because there will be some time align issues. When playing music, all speakers in a Group will be time aligned.

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Thanks very much for th replies.  It sounds like I should treat the TV setup as an entirely different thing to the rest of my sound setup.

I really appreciate the quick and helpful replies.