How can i connect wireless projector to playbar?


I have just invested in an a Benq w2000 projector with wireless output ( The wireless signal goes to a box with only 4 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out and an IR out. How can i connect this setup to a playbar? I want to run the tv, PC, playstation etc through the projector. The playbar only has an optical in which would only allow me to connect the tv is this correct?

I use the play 1's through the house and love them and would love to find a work around.


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I'm a little confused. The link you provided isn't for a projector, but an accessory for a projector so that it can connect to input sources wirelessly. The device takes 4 hdmi inputs and then sends the selected input wirelessly to your projector. So that would mean that the hdmi output should be usable with sonos. You would just need an hdmi to optical convertor and you should be good to go. However, I don't know if you would get 5.1 sound out of that, probably just stereo. Perhaps that's fine if you only want to use a playbar with no surrounds.

You also mentioned 'tv'. Do you mean tv channels (set-top box) or an actual tv? Are you displaying video on a projector, or a physical tv...or both? If the answer is both, then it sounds like you would need to take the hdmi output for your accessory unit and get a convertor that outputs both hdmi (for the tv) and optical (for the playbar).

Basically, whatever it is your trying to do, or may want to do in the future, your answer is to get a converter that will take a hdmi that will split the hdmi (for a 2nd hdmi display) and/or convert to optical for the playbar.
Thanks for the reply

Sorry for the confusion. Now I'm confused! :) This is a learning curve for me so apologies.

Yes. The projector itself isn't wireless but I've just ordered a bit of kit which is specific to the projector and will transmit a wireless signal to the projector (That is the equipment the hyperlink goes to).

Not fussed about surround so that isn't an issue.

I was assuming i could use the 4 hdmi in sockets on the projectors wireless transmitter to connect 4 pieces of kit (pc, tv/set top box, ps3 and brplayer). Then use the proposed wireless transmitters hdmi output to connect to the playbar (using your suggested hdmi to optical converter) Does that sound like it might work?

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Yes, that sounds like it's what you want. Just google 'hdmi optical converter' and you should see lots of choices. I don't use one myself, so can't really recommend anything.
Thanks you very much for the advice. I'll post a comment when the setup is finished and working. Fingers crossed.
Hi Neil
I am thinking of setting up a system exactly like yours and was wondering if the whole setup worked. There are mixed views on the wireless kit in particular. Thanks Tamer
Hi Tamer

It works very well and the soundbar has been a great buy. The wireless transmitter from Benq as a piece of kit is a pain though.

The Benq wireless transmitter has 4 HDMI inputs for the various media units (playstation, cable box, bluray etc) and 1 hdmi out. All of my media players go into the transmitter and the hdmi out from the transmitter had to be run into a hdmi to optical converter to allow the connection to the Sonos soundbar which annoyingly only accepts optical cable connection. The HDMI to optical converter i chose also has a HDMI out which allowed me to connect the whole lot to the TV too.

The wiring runs as follows:

-I have the HDMI cables from the cable box, playstation and blueray all going into the wireless transmitter.
-then the hdmi out from the wireless transmitter goes into the HDMI to optical converter
-the HDMI out from the optical converter then goes into the TV
-the optical out from the optical converter then goes into the sonos bar

It is pretty convoluted and i have been pretty frustrated setting it up and trialing different options but it works at last.

On the Benq wireless transmitter:

This is a pain. Once it is up and running it is great but the startup is annoying. The transmitter is always looking for the receiver when in use so if the projector isn't on then the TV input turns on and off while it is trying to find it. switching from different media players is also a pain as there is a single button to switch sources which does nothing while it is trying to switch the input sources upon pressing. as i said this is usually only on start up. once the transmitter has been on for a while (10-15 minutes or so) it works great.

We have the soundbar in the room permanently and drag our sonos speakers from the other rooms in the house when we can be bothered to use surround sound.

any other bits you might want clarifying just let me know.


Thanks a million. This is very useful. I have heard mixed reviews about the wireless kit and your experience confirms this. It will take a bit for me to gather all pieces and then I will see how it all works for myself. Cheers
Hi Neil, I have pulled the trigger on W2000 and now wondering about the playbase. Could you tell me how the system performs when it is *wired* as opposed to wireless (take away the transmitte) Also, if you could paste a link to the optics to hdmi box that you got I would really apreciate it.

Many thanks,
Hi guys,

So I have pulled the trigger on the wireless transmitter and made it work. I have hooked it up a little bit differntly to what you have described Neil as your setup only gave me stereo.

Here is the vid of my setup guys and a quick review. It works great and I am hoping to overcome the issue of Amazon TV not connected to the Internet soon with the Ethernet adapter. I mean it does connect but takes like 30 or so seconds.

Amy feedback/thoughts appreciated.

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