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  • 16 October 2018
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Just read all the comments about Sonos not being true 5. 1 and not really good surround sound I have the playbar and sub and 2 rear play 1s. My tv is a Sony and the optical connection is straight to the playbar. Watching Netflix horror films or war films will blow your mind on stunning surround that has anybody watching looking over their shoulder. You can instantly tell this is 5. 1 without checking the Sonos app. I cannot recommend this setup highly enough and on music playback the artists feel like they are in the room. Realise that not all tvs send 5. 1 from the optical ( like my old set) but when they do be prepared for a real cinema experience that I have loved for about 18 months now.

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4 replies

Good to know. Thanks.
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If Sonos is fed a proper Dolby Digital 5.1 audio signal, it is real 5.1. The Playbar, Playbase, and Beam all handle the front three channels (left, center, right) and the two other speakers (could be Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, or Sonos One, or a set of passive speakers with the Connect:Amp) receive audio for the rear channels. Some will say that having three channels of audio in a soundbar isn't good enough ("not enough separation between the channels")... IMHO, it works fine. But some people don't feel that way.

The "it's not true 5.1" line happens when a TV (or other home theater device) doesn't properly pass a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio signal to Sonos, so Sonos does what it can to analyze the audio it's receiving and try to make it surround sound.
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Bang on! I've got the same setup - Sony TV, Playbar, Sub, 2 x Play 1's and can't agree more. Given a proper feed it's bloody brilliant. Try the new 'Saving Private Ryan' or Dunkirk on 4K UHD at a decent volume and be blown away - Literally!!!!!!
That opening sequence of storming the beach in Saving Private Ryan has long been a favorite of mine for demonstrating the wonderful possibilities of Dolby Digital surround sound.