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  • 12 September 2020
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I have been running the sound for my TV through my Playbase and Two Play:1’s for the rear sound - all via a Optical Cable - has all been working well. It turns on with my TV automatically and enables me to watch my Apple TV and PS4 with the sound all coming through the Sonos setup through the TV.

I wanted to add my Record Player through my Sonos setup as well as utilise my non-sonos subwoofer.

Got some advice from JB-Hifi and they recommended I purchase the Sonos Amp, which I did.


What I want to achieve is the following:

  1. Continue to enjoy my TV sound through the Sonos setup with the added bonus of my non-sonos sub-woofer.
  2. Continue to use the playbase as my front speakers and the two Play:1’s for my rear speakers.
  3. Continue for it to auto-connect to my TV so that it is always on when the TV is and my PS4 and Apple TV remain connected.
  4. Be able to enjoy my vinyl records in an easy and straight forward way - put the vinyl record play and auto-connect to my Sonos setup.

FYI, at this stage the Playbase is connected to the TV via the an optical chord and the AMP is connected to the TV using HDMI-ARC.

I have connected everything via chords etc. but am stuck as to how to set it up for my requirements within the amp.

Appreciate the help in advance.



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Hi @Krizk, welcome to the community and sorry for the late response.

The only way I could think of is the group system in the Sonos App.

You’ll need to select the first speaker as the audio source of the group then add the other speaker.

e.g. select the Playbase, hit the group button then add the Amp. Anything playing on the Playbase will play on the Amp vise versa.

You can also disconnect the Amp from the TV because the TV can only output to one Audio Output; not both optical and HDMI-ARC.

With the grouping system in the Sonos app, you can create a pre-set group for Vinyl and TV; which you can select when you want to play the other audio source. 

As long as AutoPlay is enabled on both, the only manual input you need to do is select the correct grouping.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.