Hiding the playbar power cable

 I’ve just mounted my Playbar to the wall, and am trying to hide the power cable. 

I had bought a right angled figure 8 cable to do this but it was too shallow to fit into the playbars recessed power socket.

Is there a specific cable I can get to achieve this? 

I know it’s not the end of the world but it’ll bug the hell outta me




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@gregordude Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. I am not familiar with any 3rd party power cable that might make that connection you are looking for with that right angle fit. Is your Playbar in a table top or wall mount setup above or below the TV? Is it possible to re-orientate the Playbar by 180 degrees and flip it to hide the cable? This may affect how the sensors for the IR remote signal are used/seen but it is a viable solution?

Thinking low-tech would a similarly colored piece of paper, to the wall color behind it, tucked in there help advert your eyes from the cable? I feel your OCD pain. Also, let us see if other Community members have a trick or workaround they’ve used to hide their power cable.

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Do you think something like this could be integrated?  It takes the original cable and makes a right angle horizontal turn.

(2 Pack) Tekit IEC320 C7 to C8 Right Angle AC Power Plug Adapter, IEC 320 C7-C8 90 Degree Vertical Left Right Angle Power Adapter, Figure 8 Male to Female Angle AC Converter
by TeKit Coolstore
Learn more:


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