Help with speakers chiude 1,3 or 5? 5+1 configuration

  • 10 October 2016
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Hello everyone, I'm new with the forum and sonos products. After reading a lot on this forum I decided buying the playbar and sub. I will use with my new Sony bravia 75w855c [full HD led]. I wonder if someone recomend me buying play5 instead the difference relevant?my room is quite large,I will use the system mostly with movies,HD tv and playstation,netfix. Anyone can help me in this hard choose? Thank you for reading.

P.s. apparently I am unable to edit title....forgot to switch corrector from italian to english "chiude" should be read as "choise"...sorry.

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4 replies

Laugh. I've made that mistake before as well, don't sweat it :)

If, as it sounds like, you're going to be using the play:1s or play:5s mostly as surround speakers, I'd say you've probably made the right choice. Of course, each person is different, and there are some who will have the opposite opinion, but for me, as a surround speaker, the play:1 is plenty loud enough, has a deep enough sound, and is unobtrusive in placement behind the sitting area.

Now, when you want to expand your speakers, for use not with the Bravia TV, that's when I'd be thinking about getting the Play:5s. You may (or may not, again, it's a personal experience) that you don't need the sub for when the Play:5s are playing music.

I think you should have no regrets for what you have right now. It's exactly what I've done (so I guess I'm biased!)
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Well playbar and sub are great start. Unless its a huge room like 25ftx25ft Play:5's as surrounds would be overkill (Play:1's make good surrounds with playbar and sub).

Play:5's are excellent speakers for other large rooms.
Thank you for your help. I'm still thinking about which speaker fit better my room (lenght about 25 feets/7meters,large 15f). I could pick 3 at the end...
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You could always take advantage of the Sonos generous return policy to try Play 1s and then Play 5s as surrounds to hear what suits you.

Here's my take.

I have Play1s, Sub and Playbar set to Full sound for Music. They are more than good enough for TV and Film as surrounds and in my opinion Play 5s would be a complete waste of time.

For listening to music the Play 1 blow me away - the addition of the Sub also makes a huge difference. I suppose it's possible that replacing the Play 1s with 5s would make music listening even more awesome but honestly the Play 1s are amazing as they are.