Help with kitchen TV soundbar, sub, and two overhead speaker set up. I'm lost.

  • 2 January 2017
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My kitchen/family room has the following Sonos products: Playbar (below wall mounted TV), Connect:Amp, and Sub. There are also two ceiling speakers connected to the Connect:Amp. The ceiling speakers are pretty much in the center of the ceiling--slightly behind a couch seating area (the couch is closest to the TV) and slightly in front of a kitchen table seating area (which is behind the couch). What is the ideal way to integrate these products to listen to music (Tidal and Spotify) and watch TV? Should I just pair the Sub with the ceiling overhead speakers, thus using the Sub only for music with only the overhead speakers? I listen to a lot of music and I usually don't group the Playbar with the overhead speakers when listening to music (it's not a great sounding setup to mix the overhead stereo speakers with the Playbar). Does it make sense to use the two ceiling overhead speakers and the Playbar and the Sub for TV? That seems like a weird mix. Is it simpler and better to just use the Playbar alone for the TV and forget using also the two overhead speakers and the Sub with the TV? What seems logical to me is to use the Sub with the Playbar when watching TV (and not use the ceiling speakers because they are not really fronts or rear surrounds in location) and then, when listening to music, just use the two ceiling speakers and the Sub. But....I don't think that it's possibly to pair the sub with the TV Playbar and then when the TV is not in use, pair the sub with the ceiling speakers for music. This seems like it would require repairing ever time I switch from TV to music. Can someone help me think this all through with a suggestion? Thanks a lot.

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