[HELP] What’s the best setup for SONOS Surround 5.1? And Couple beginner questions!

  • 20 November 2015
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

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The LHC and Catfoot. Thanks for the replies. If anyone else has another insights or setups please let me know.
What would it work to use 3x NEW PLAY:5s (one as center and other two as right and left) + 2x PLAY:3s or PLAY:1s as rear speakers + the SUB?
When I try to Airplay from the Play:5 with in the surround system, I will have to change the option for LINE IN on the SONOS APP in order for it to capture the airplay sound? I would really want that to work automatically and avoid changing source from LINE IN – TO TV or vice-versa.
Thanks for all the help given so far.
I'd use the Playbar + sub as 3.1 then add 2x Play 1's for surrounds. I've got that setup and can't ask for more.

I'd then put the Play 3 or 5 in other rooms.
You can't configure the play:5s to be front left and right, the Playbar does front and centre duties.

1. Correct, that's the best way to do it.
2. I don't know what a magic remote is bit the Playbar will learn ir codes from a normal remote control.
3. The Playbar delay is 30ms. You won't notice.
4. Yes you can run a line-in from the ae to a play:5 and then play it on any speaker (or all of them). This is the officially supported Airplay solution. What the Playbar does in that situation depends on how you configure it, there's an option to turn off auto play for tv audio.