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  • 9 November 2020
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Hello to all.

I’m a happy Sonos user, so far only with three Play:1s and one Sonos one SL.

My current system is built as follows: two Play:1s coupled in stereo in the living room and the remaining two speakers in other rooms.

It’s been awhile since I would like to get an upgrade for better listening, but I have two “needs”: better music quality in my living room which is quite big (about 40 square meters) and better sound from my TV set.

  1. new Arc is far too expensive at the moment
  2. Beam would be an option but, question: is it possible two couple it only with my pre-existing stereo pair made by two Play:1 and have the whole system connected to tv by an HDMI-arc connection?
  3. What do you think is the effect of this latter option for both general music listening in a large living room and also for use with TV?
  4. My other option would be a Sonos Five. This would be perfect for music but only works with tv through a normal jack, as if it was a headphone, sonot the best most probably.

Do you guys have a suggestion for me?

Thanks a lot!!


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I would go with the Beam if the ARC is to expensive.

When you set the Beam/Play:1 combo to FULL mode.  When your listening to music the rear Play:1s will play in stereo just like they do now.  So in that room you will have the Beam and Play:1s all playing your music in stereo.

When watching or listening to anything via the HDMI Arc to your TV the rear Play:1s will act only as surrounds.  Therefore when watching TV you will have surround sound only.  

I think this is the best solution unless you listen to a large amount of music via the TV/HDMI where your not going to get the full stereo experience.    Sounds like this may not be an issue for you but just wanted to mention the one weakness in the Beam/Play:1 config.

If you do plan to listen to a large amount of music via HDMI/TV then I would save up for the ARC so that the main speaker is more powerful.

However, if music listening is primarily via online sources - the Beam/Play:1s set permanently to FULL mode will sound great and give you a nice boost from just the Play:1s.

I have 2 rooms that have Beam/Play:1 combos and they sound great.  My main home theater room also has Sonos Sub - - which then would be the next level step.