HDMI1&3 on Panasonic tv not working since soundbar connected

  • 2 June 2017
  • 6 replies

I have a Panasonic tele and connected the sound bar to it today. I had to use hotel mode to turn the internal speakers off.

Unfortunately HDMI ports 1&3 have stopped working - I suspect from accessing hotel mode.

Does anyone have any experience of this and how to resolve it?

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6 replies

If it is really not possible to kill the internal speakers without being in hotel mode (are you sure?) then try plugging a cheap set of headphones in headphone socket and go back to standard home mode.
Yea I followed the advice on this forum actually as it's the only way to turn them off. Do you think a cheap set of headphones/speakers plugged into the AV would work? As I'd be prepared to give that a go!!! I can turn the speaker down and just use the app to control the volume but I think I read that it wouldn't be ideal.
Headphones would have to go in the headphone socket. Do you have a set of phone headphones you could test it with?
Yes I do, I'll give that a go and see if it works
Btw, using a Sonos controller for volume control is only not ideal to the extent you find it inconvenient
I can imagine that'll be a pain! I've been able to turn the volume to 0 on the tele using hotel mode so currently, I'm able to control the volume on the sound bar with the Panasonic to remote. It's just such a shame that these HDMI ports aren't working. I'll have to fiddle around and try and find a solution