HDMI switcher help with Playbar

I've recently purchased a playbar to output content from my ATV 3, Roku 3 and Fire TV stick to my Samsung TV. Mine is one that doesn't pass through Dolby 5.1 through the optical connection, so I've recently purchased a Tendak HDMI matrix switch to play with.

I've setup the switch with the ATV 3 and it's all working - HDMI out / Dolby Auto going into the HDMI switch. Then HDMI out - HDMI STB on the Samsung (assume that's the right one) and Optical out to the playbar.

However, I'm not having any luck with the Roku 3 (seems like only stereo output is coming through) and I also can't figure out how to get TV sound to pass through the switch either. Do I need a TV with HDMI ARC to make this work?

Thanks - hoping others must have been through something similar!

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Looking at the Octava box and thinking that the optical in function is needed. So I think my question is - for 5.1 sound are my two options a new TV with 5.1 passthrough / HDMI with ARC or the £200 Octava box?
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I bought a Roku 3 today (it's going back to the shop as they sold me an old model). I played around with the settings though and there is an audio setting for stereo, DD etc. You might want to check that? I'm a newbie myself as commented on a previous thread, but I don't see why you need an optical in. As long as the switch passes through 5,1 to the optical it 'should' work.
Thanks for the reply - I've played around with those settings in the Roku with no luck. It's either no audio or stereo sound. Would be good to know if anyone has got this to work - as the Apple TV 3 is working ok.
A quick update which might help some. I've given up on the Roku and upgraded my fire tv stick to a fire tv 2. This supports Dolby digital in addition to Dolby digital plus so works with the hdmi splitter and the playbar. The only downside is Netflix is still stereo only but at least I can use the ATV3 for that.

The remaining challenge is the lack of tv audio. I think a separate optical splitter would work so might try that. Otherwise a Youview STB to avoid the need for free view.


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