HDMI Switch with No Amp

  • 26 June 2017
  • 1 reply

Just purchased a playbar/sub/2-play:1 system to use in my home theater.

I have a really old Bose amp that came with the house that I want to get rid of along with the 15-20 year old speakers that came with it.

Can I get by using just an HDMI switch with an optical audio output with no amp since the speakers are self-powered?
(1) HDMI switch with 4 inputs for Apple TV, Comcast Cable, DVR, Roku
(2) HDMI output from HDMI switch to projector for video
(3) Optical audio output from HDMI switch to playbar

If this will work, curious about any recommendations regarding the specific switch to use to prevent any issues with the proposed setup.


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1 reply

Yes, that should work. No, I don't have any recommendations, but if you look around at several of the threads here in this board, you'll find lots of people who have these. I just don't happen to be one.