HDMI splitter: Apple Tv --> projector + beam w/ 5.1

  • 10 December 2019
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I’ve read a few threads, but none that answer my specific questions, someone please help!

I have an epson 2150 projector. It only has regular HDMI inputs (no HDMI-ARC and no Optical output).

I have an appleTV HD (4th gen, no optical out, only HDMI) with airplay2. Airplay doesn’t work great in terms of the sound never cutting out during movie watching.

I tried hooking the beam and the appleTV to the router with ethernet cables (as suggested by sonos customer service). It seems to help, but feels janky. I’d rather connect the AppleTV to the beam if I can.

I bought a splitter that has:

HDMI in *from appleTV* --- HDMI out *to projector* + Optical Out/SPDIF (don’t know what that means, but it’s the same shape as the optical adapter beam came with) *to the adapter, hooked to a suuuuuper long HDMI cable, to beam*

Is that right? Or do I need some special HDMI cable? I bought just a plain 25ft long one at menards because my apple tv is across the room from beam. I sort of understand what HDMI-ARC is, but do I need a specifc cable? The one that came with beam is far too short. And, I read that I can’t use a simple HDMI split because beam is looking for some echo back feature that only HDMI-ARC provides, so I have to use optical.

Confused, but getting there! Thanks



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