HDMI Splitt to L/R Out to Sonos Connect

  • 27 February 2017
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I have two play 5s and two play 1s that I'd like to stream audio from an appleTV. My AppleTV connects to an HDMI splitter with the video going to the TV and the audio going to a BOSE system currently. If I replace my Bose system with a connect and limit my audio to Dolby will I be able to stream audio to my Sonos speakers? Is there a potential for a delay?

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2 replies

Hmmm, let me answer a question that you didn't state. No, I don't think that the Connect can handle and distribute a dolby digital stream. I believe it is restricted to stereo.

So you could conceivably set up both Play:5s and the Play:1s as stereo "rooms" and then group them together. But there would still be a 70 ms latency as the Connect buffers the data to send out to all speakers, which might or might not bug you when watching Apple TV. Likely not so much when listening to music, but movies might bug the heck out of you (or not, depends on you!)

The simple fact is that the only Sonos device designed to be connected to a TV is a Playbar, which has the ability to take a dolby digital signal and process it so that it is sent out to the 2 surround speakers, and a sub.

There is, I understand, a way to use a Connect:Amp to power a pair of surround speakers, but I'm not familiar with it, and a simple search on the FAQ section of these boards would likely be more useful to provide that information than any attempt of mine.

Sorry that I didn't have better information for you.
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Also, the Connect doesn't have an optical input. The only device with this is the Playbar. The Connect's input is the red and white analog RCA jacks, so you'd also need something to convert the digital optical signal to analog stereo in order to hook up the Connect.