Having switching problems from Music to TV using Harmony Remote. Inconsistent behavior on Sonos

  • 21 September 2019
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Harmony is giving issues with regards to switching from Music source on 1 activity, or from general Sonos Controller playing music.

  1. Start Sonos Music (if Tv was previous source, I'll receive a dialog "This will stop playing TV as source (something to that effect).
  2. Confirm and the TV MAY or MAY NOT start playing through the selected speakers in the activity.
  3. Furthermore, the volume to control TV works randomly.
I've recreated the activity, tried many workarounds. Resetting Harmony,

I would expect the Sonos Playbase to negotiate to TV upon a signal.

The workaround is to open SONOS controller and set the Room, or Group of Rooms to TV. not ideal.

QUESTION: My activity includes 2 Sonos rooms. Perhaps this could be an issue? and i should simply have the Harmony activity activate the playbase only?

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