Have Playbase, want Surround Sound, can I do it with my TV?

  • 20 June 2017
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Hi - I just bought a TV and Playbase. It was easy to set up and I like the sound, but I'd like to add the subwoofer and two Play:1s to create surround sound. However, I've heard that's not always possible, depending on TV/DVD player limitations?

I've read a lot of threads and discussion about it and I think I'm more confused than when I started.

Can someone help me confirm if it's worth adding the sub and Play:1s with my TV?

I have a Vizio M60-D1 - in the manual for "Digital Audio Out" it says : "Changes the type of processing for digital audio out and HDMI ARC output when connected to a home theater audio system. Select Auto, PCM, Dolby, or Bitstream"

I have a Samsung DB-JM57C DVD player but I can return it if it's no good. I watch movies either streaming on Amazon/Netflix, or old DVDs, and some Blu-ray DVDs. If anyone has a good DVD player to recommend I'd love to hear it.

Thanks - I'd love to invest in the additional speakers but want to make sure they'll actually work with my TV and movie sources.



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3 replies

I have the same. Playbase, play:1s for surrounds and the sub woofer. I have an LG oled tv. Works great. I have Suddenlink with a TiVo. The only issue is that when Dolby is on, I get some breaks in the sound so I changed it to pcm only and I sounds fine.
Just to clarify, I switch back to 5.1 for for almost all sources, it's just while watching the news sometimes, I get the audio breaks. No big deal to switch back and forth. It is easy to verify if you're getting 5.1 audio by going into the Sonos app and choosing "about my system" option.
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You can find lots of information on this thread:

TV list which an passthrough DD5.1