Has anybody actually fixed iPlayer with Arc issue?

  • 25 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi Everyone,


I’ve seen a number of people reporting intermittent sound cut outs when using BBC iPlayer with Sonos Arc.

I have the same issue and two questions

  1. Has anybody fixed the problem, and
  2. Is it actually worth speaking to Sonos to get it fixed.


Many thanks



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2 replies

i have had no problems playing iPlayer on the Arc.  OK using the built-in app on TV (LG OLED from 2016) and from an NVidia Shield.  it seems hard to understand how something that is a problem only with a specific app, and is not happening to everyone, could be a problem with the Arc.  But I haven’t followed the threads on this issue and so I don’t know the background.

What is your iPlayer app running on?

Hi John,


A number of people are reporting the issue with iPlayer running on Sony Bravia with an arc.


Every other app (Prime, Netflix, normal TV, Disney, NowTV etc) is fine. Purely iPlayer.

On a number it says to call the support team but having had huge waits with others, and often to no avail, I just wanted to check if there actually was a fix reported.