• 1 December 2016
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Hi - still a bit confused but learning fast.

I have a Playbar, Sub and two Play:1's in a surround sound configuration in the 'Living Room'. I also have a Play:1 in a separate 'Portable' room.

For the purposes of this I am only concerned with two types of source; the TV which is obviously connected to the Playbar , and BBC Radio 4.

If I select the 'Portable ' room, the icon providing the opportunity to play the TV sound through that room and it's p:1 is missing, indicating I cannot play TV sound via that separate room - which I find puzzling - but if I group the 'Living Room' and the 'Portable room' then the TV sound is heard in both rooms. So good so far sort of.

Having grouped them it appears that my ability to play Radio in the 'Portable' is restricted unless both Living Room and Portable both pay the same Radio.

So it seems as if to listen to TV in Portable I have to group the rooms but in order to revert to playing music I have to UNgroup them unless I want to upset those watching TV in the Living Room by playing radio over their TV picture.

Is this really how it works? Why is it not possible to play the TV sound via Portable?

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3 replies

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Because the tv set up uses a different wifi frequency. - 5ghz because the 5.1 speakers are PAIRED. When you GROUP (connect discrete speakers) it switches to a different frequency - 2.4ghz to enable syncronised play.

You will have noticed the delay usng portable when playing tv. You can't just play tv to portable because this isn't how the multi room system works. TV is a discrete signal, i.e. It's only there when the TV is on, whereas you can play radio irrespective of what anything else is doing.
I'm not sure where Bored is going in terms of wireless frequency. That has no bearing on which sources are present.

The TV source is only available to PLAYBAR or a group of which PLAYBAR Is a member. This is because PLAYBAR must actively process and decode that input, and it would be illogical for TV sound to be piped to other rooms without it also playing in the room containing the TV itself.

All other sources can be played on any players or combinations thereof. So for example the radio can play on 'Portable' entirely independently of what's happening in 'Living Room'. The latter could be playing the TV input, another radio station, or whatever.

Grouping is an ad hoc arrangement, designed to be created and dispensed with as needs dictate.
Ratty - Thank you , yet again. The 'less technical' answer works better for me!
I am still at the point of 'playing' and experimenting with what is possible with my Sonos kit. Afterwards I did wonder whether what I had suggested was sensible because, you are right, it would be unlikely to want to play the TV sound in a room other than the room containing the TV yet not listening to it in the Living room itself. I guess one could imagine a situation but is is rare.
Thanks - I will now get down to using rather than 'playing'.