Grouped speakers with Arc & Playbar show as "Room(+?+?+?)"

  • 31 July 2020
  • 3 replies

I recently tried to group a Playbar with Ones and a Sub in one room and an Arc with Ones and a Sub in another. After the grouping process both show the added speakers as “Room(+?+?+?)” next to the Playbar and Arc. I suspect it has to do with the last screen during the set up process which stated the following:


Audio setup problem

Your sound can’t be optimized right now. You can tune your products later in the settings for this room.


I had no issues setting up the Playbar and the Arc. Anyone else experience this issue and have a solution? It’s quite frustrating!

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3 replies

Those devices are designed to connect to your sound bar, either the Arc or the PLAYBAR, but get IP addresses from your router. Based on the question marks, that suggests that they’re not getting an appropriate IP address from the router for some reason. It could be 5Ghz wifi interference, since that’s the frequency that they connect to the sound bar, or it could be something on your router not handing them an IP address for some reason. 

Have you tried to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it?

When you speak directly to the phone folks, there are more options available beyond just the diagnostic analysis.

Hi Bruce,

That seems like a strong possibility. I just moved into a place that has a Ruckus ZoneFlex R510 ceiling router on each floor. Im not using it, but the Comcast modem is also giving off a wifi signal.

I thought I would seek an answer here before contacting Sonos.

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Just to get you into the Sonos lingo: surround speakers (or stereo pairs) are not “grouped” (the term used for letting different rooms play the same music) - they are “bonded”…..