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  • 21 January 2022
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Dear Sonos,

please please allow a 5.1 setup to mute the soundbar when playing music. So it becomes 2.1

Over the internet I’ve seen multiple people really wanting this feature!

because the music of 2.1 sounds so good on Sonos and the music on the arc comparatively so bad :( 


4 replies

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Hi @Nadian,


Thanks for your request. I’ve certainly seen this one a few times over the years, and I’ll be happy to pass your comments on to our developers :slight_smile:

It’s certainly an understandable feature to want.  I suspect there is more involved than just ‘muting the soundbar, though.  I imagine the Sub would have to be reconfigured and any stored Trueplay settings would be lost or inappropriate.

If it were as simple as muting the soundbar I suspect Sonos would have done this long ago.

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@James L.  thanks very much! I hope they will consider this option ☺️

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@John B I’m not sure, since the ones can go full sound so are tuned with the sub.. maybe slightly different cuz of the arc..   but i think Sonos so far chooses to keep it simple for the average consumer (understandably).